Final Project

Computer Store

For this final project we made an online computer store which sales computer parts. We create this simulation by using SQL database and combining and connecting SQL database to visual basic. We design the user interface to be user friendly. In our computer store simulation the visual basic there are four from. The first form is login as an admin or as a customer, if you choose as the admin you can have the access to the database, then you can customize the list of computer parts. For the second form is where we show the list of computer items you like to buy by using combo box which show the list of items and each item have different attributes or unique data value, so each combo box has different table column which is from database SQL and implemented to visual basic to each combo box. As for the third form in visual basic we show the receipt by copying the whole check box that have been checked on the second page and reshow it on the receipt page. So, for this computer store to work you need to open visual basic and run the program there. Lastly, the forth form is only showing “Thank You” screen.

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